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Anti Wrinkle Injections

Anti wrinkle injections, using very small amounts of Botulinum Toxin A, have been used for medical and cosmetic purposes since the early 1990s and have become increasingly popular in cosmetic medicine. They offer a scientifically backed approach to managing the signs of ageing.
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What are the benefits of anti wrinkle injections?

While wrinkles and fine lines are not considered medical issues, they can significantly affect an individual's self-perception, leading to self-consciousness, low self-esteem and reduced confidence. Addressing aesthetic concerns under medical guidance can benefit a patient's psychosocial health and lead to more positive interactions and improved confidence and self-esteem.

Soften fine lines and wrinkles

Wrinkle reduction treatment smooths out the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles, reducing the visible signs of ageing. By targeting specific muscles, treatment can reduce deep lines for a smoother, more youthful complexion.

Rejuvenated skin

Wrinkle treatment can contribute to your skin's overall health and appearance by restoring its youthful texture and tone, enhancing its appearance and promoting a more radiant and healthy-looking skin.

Quick and lasting results

Typically, effects can be seen within two to three days following treatment and last between 2.5 and 6 months (many individual factors impact this). Regular treatments can prevent new lines from forming, offering a long-term strategy for maintaining a youthful appearance.

Improved Confidence

Anti wrinkle injections have been known to positively impact patient's self-esteem and confidence. By reducing signs of ageing, patients often experience a renewed sense of self-assurance and quality of life.
Wrinkle reduction treatments use prescription-only medicines and must be administered by a qualified and experienced Medical Practitioner.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do anti-wrinkle injections work?

Facial muscles contract and relax when we express ourselves, causing the skin to fold. Over time, these contractions can cause permanent expression lines. By injecting Botulinum Toxin A into specific areas, the muscles can be temporarily paralysed, preventing further movement and creasing. Wrinkle treatment smooths out existing lines and prevents new ones from forming, especially in areas like the forehead, around the eyes and between the brows.

Botulinum Toxin A can also alleviate hay fever symptoms by blocking the release of certain neurotransmitters in the inflammatory response triggered by allergens. It is also an effective treatment of Bruxism (involuntary teeth grinding) and can treat Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, by blocking the release of acetylcholine in the underarms, palms, and soles of the feet.

Q: What are the side effects?

Anti wrinkle injections are safe when administered by a qualified Medical Practitioner. However, all cosmetic treatments have potential side effects. Typical reactions include mild swelling, redness, bruising or tenderness at the injection site. Some people might encounter mild headaches, neck discomfort, or flu-like symptoms, which usually subsides within 48 hours.

While very uncommon, eyelid drooping, or ptosis, can occur if the botulinum toxin spreads to muscles that lift the eyelid. Proper technique and placement by an experienced practitioner can significantly reduce this risk.

Although rare, allergic reactions to Botulinum Toxin A can occur, presenting symptoms like itching, rash, red welts, dizziness, or asthma.

Q: What brand of wrinkle treatment does Dr Katey use?

Australia has four TGA-approved brands of Botulinum Toxin A, each with slightly different properties and dosing amounts. Dr Katey primarily uses the two European brands (D and X) as she has found them to either be the most consistent in terms of results (D) or give people longer-lasting results (X).

As the TGA approves new types for use in Australia, she will try them to see if she can get even better patient results.

Q: How long do anti wrinkle injections last?

The effects will vary based on metabolism, lifestyle, and muscle strength. Typically, the initial onset occurs a few days after treatment, with full results visible within two weeks. The effects can last anywhere from 2.5 months to 6 months, gradually wearing off. 

Some individuals may find that the duration of effectiveness extends over time with regular treatments as the muscles adapt to reduced movement.
The fundamental rules of good health and great skin are to... 
Stop smoking, protect yourself from the sun - SPF is a must, limit excessive alcohol consumption, eat a nutritious and balanced diet, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight.

Q: Do wrinkle injections hurt?

You might feel a slight pinch akin to an insect bite when receiving anti wrinkle injections. Dr Katey uses a “buzzy bee,” a vibrating device, to distract your brain and ease discomfort. Despite the brief and minor discomfort, many patients find the treatment easily tolerable.

Q: How much does it cost?

Costs will vary from patient to patient and may change over time. See Dr Katey's current prices via the booking link or her social media.

Q: Will wrinkle treatments improve static lines?

If you have deep resting lines, you may need regular treatment over 12 months to see a significant reduction. Other treatments, such as volume restoration, bio remodelling, or PRP, may also benefit you.

Q: When should I start getting treatment?

Dr Katey recommends starting treatment when you first notice lines when the muscles are relaxed (static lines). If you wait too long, it can be much more costly and involve more invasive treatments to help rejuvenate your skin and reduce these lines.

Q: Will I need an ‘add-on’ treatment?

Dr Katey recommends a two-week treatment review for all patients, especially those who are having it for the first time. This review allows Dr Katey to evaluate how your muscles have responded to the product and its overall effectiveness in achieving your desired aesthetic goal. Dr Katey also documents your before-and-after photos for your medical record. If the treatment hasn't achieved your desired aesthetic goal, Dr Katey might recommend an add-on treatment.
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