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Age gracefully and enhance your natural beauty without looking overdone or fake
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Dr Katey Cosmetics believes in graceful ageing with natural-looking beauty enhancements that improve your skin's health while balancing proportions without looking overdone or fake.

As a General Practitioner and Cosmetic Doctor, Dr Katey uses cosmetic medicine to provide patients with professional aesthetic skin assessments, evidence-based treatment options and the best technology to refresh, rejuvenate and repair your skin and enhance your natural beauty.

Meet Dr Katey.

Dr Katey (she/her) is a Specialist General Practitioner and Cosmetic Doctor in Healesville, practising in women's and children's health, skin cancer, and cosmetic medicine. She has a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery from Deakin University and completed her Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at The Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne. Dr Katey became a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP), obtaining her qualification as a specialist General Practitioner in 2020.

Being passionate about helping her patients and having an interest in skincare and facial aesthetics, Dr Katey completed further education in Cosmetic Medicine at Healthcert to help repair and rejuvenate patients' skin using evidence-based aesthetic medicine techniques.

Her Healesville-based skin clinic, Dr Katey Cosmetics, provides skin treatments, including skincare, and certified techniques such as microneedling and platelet-rich plasma injections. Dr Katey also specialises in cosmetic injectables, including wrinkle reduction treatment, bio-remodelling, and volume restoration to enhance her patients' natural beauty.

Achieve your skin and aesthetic goals - Visit Dr Katey Cosmetics and be provided with excellent customer service, advice, and medical expertise.
Dr Katey - owner and founder of Dr Katey Cosmetics in Healesville.
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Our Yarra Valley skin clinic is kid-friendly to cater for busy parents

Skin Concerns

Are you struggling with acne, acne scarring, rosacea, perioral dermatitis, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, or ageing skin? These skin concerns can often impact your self-esteem and mental health. Dr Katey can offer medical and cosmetic options to target your skin concerns and reduce the stress associated with many conditions.

Ageing Skin

As we age, skin loses elastin, collagen and moisture, leading to fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness. But with a little TLC, your skin can look great at any age. By implementing a solid skincare routine, sun protection, and consulting with a skin specialist for a tailored treatment plan, you can fight the signs of ageing and maintain a healthy, youthful glow.


Dealing with inflamed skin, pimples, blackheads, and acne can be a frustrating and stressful experience. But don't worry - a treatment plan can make an amazing difference! As a General Practitioner and Cosmetic Doctor, Dr Katey can help you achieve clear skin with the best skincare routines to reduce acne-causing bacteria and non-surgical treatment options to combat acne effectively, she will also know when it’s time for you to see a Dermatologist.


Hyperpigmentation can occur when your skin's defence system reacts to damaged skin cells caused by external factors like UVR and internal inflammation. This reactive response is what causes uneven pigmentation in your skin. Therefore, being vigilant to protect yourself from the sun is essential. In addition, treatments that stimulate collagen production, such as microneedling and PRP, can help you achieve your skin goals.


Dealing with acne scars and stretch marks can be a real hassle. These skin conditions affect people of all genders and ages and can be caused by bacteria, inflammation or natural body changes. While scars are not hazardous to your health, they can make you feel self-conscious. However, treatments are available and vary depending on where the scars appear on your body.
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Cosmetic Injectables

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Cosmetic Injectables

Anti-wrinkle injections are a non-surgical solution that works by injecting Botulinum Toxin A to relax specific facial muscles and help smooth out frown lines, crows feet and forehead lines, giving you a fresh, rejuvenated look. Dr Katey can advise whether this product is suitable for a patient to relax a gummy smile, create a lip flip, brow lift, smooth platysmal bands and facial slimming.
Dermal fillers are used to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals as well as help with skin rejuvenation and hydration. They volumise lips, sculpt cheeks and shape other facial contours, including the jawline and chin! Dr Katey uses a French filler with mannitol, a preservative that reduces the risk of inflammation and can deliver longer-lasting effects.
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I have had a strict skin care routine for the last decade, but as I approach 40, I’ve noticed some early signs of ageing. I began my search for dermal experts in the Yarra Valley - that's when I found Dr Katey Cosmetics clinic in Healesville. We discussed my skin concerns, and she created a plan to help me achieve a fresh, natural look and rejuvenated skin. I've had one treatment so far and the results are amazing!
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Skin Treatments

Skin Treatments

Skin Microneedling creates tiny punctures in your skin to stimulate collagen production and regenerate skin cells, resulting in tighter, firmer skin. Microneedling also delivers nourishing ingredients deeper into the skin to reduce signs of ageing, scarring and pigmentation. Best of all, it's safe for all skin types and can be performed on any part of the body without the side effects of laser or heat treatments.
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a game-changer for cosmetic and medical
purposes. It is a safe and effective skincare technique that rejuvenates your skin, reduces fine lines, improves elastin, minimises acne scarring, and improves skin texture. PRP is particularly beneficial for people with skin sensitivity as it uses platelets drawn from your own blood.
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A woman lying on a bed at a beauty clinic receiving microneedling treatment on her face.
I have struggled with perioral dermatitis for years and have tried several skincare products to treat it. I made an appointment to see Dr Katey Cosmetics for my regular antiwrinkle treatment, and she immediately noticed it. She developed a treatment plan using a combination of skin needling and PRP, and my skin has never looked better. Seeing a medically trained Cosmetic Doctor with the knowledge and know-how to achieve the best results gives me peace of mind. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my skin. I highly recommend Dr Katey; she’s the best!
My clinic uses specially compounded topical local anaesthetic to make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

Medical Treatments

A patient receiving a physical skin cancer check.

Medical Treatments

Being proactive about your skin's health and getting regular skin cancer check-ups is vital in Australia, as we have one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Regular check-ups can help detect skin cancer early when it is most treatable. In addition to regular check-ups, Dr Katey Cosmetics advocates that all clients practise good skincare habits, protect their skin from UV and apply SPF 30+ sunscreen daily to significantly reduce their risk of developing skin cancer.

Did you know PRP can be used for Musculoskeletal Injuries and Botulinum Toxin can be used to treat Hayfever, Teeth Grinding and Excessive sweating. Ask Dr Katey more about these options in an obligation free consultation.
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I am a Firefighter and injured both of my achilles tendons in the field. I tried everything from rest, rehabilitation, orthotics, and shockwave therapy without much luck. After reading about PRP, I gave it a try. I'm thrilled to say that after only three sessions of PRP with Dr Katey Cosmetics, I'm back to 100%. I couldn't be happier.
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Is Aesthetic Medicine Right For Your Skin Concerns?

Aesthetic medicine may sound intimidating, but it's a low-risk and minimally invasive way to address many skin concerns. Cosmetic techniques and technology offer an effective solution with minimal downtime to improve skin concerns like fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, volume loss, and lax skin. But it's not just for those looking to turn back the clock—cosmetic treatments can also address skin problems like acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, scarring and stretch marks and are suitable for all skin types.

Dr Katey Cosmetics works collaboratively with other beauty professionals at the Healesville Skin and Beauty Hub. Our beauty hub provides quality, non-surgical treatments performed by doctors, registered nurses and trained experts, including IPL for hair removal and skin issues, radio frequency skin tightening, waxing, nails, lashes, eyebrow enhancements and more in an inclusive and family friendly environment.
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